As any serious astrologer is well aware, there can be no perfect electional chart, one can only strive to „catch“ the best moment possible to achieve a certain goal (or more of them). Casting an electional horocope for a city must be a daunting task and in this text I’ll try to reconstruct the astrological reasoning behind the electional chart of Constantinople.The background story can be read here

Here’s the chart


By putting the chart luminary, the Sun in the beneficent 11th house (the „good spirit“) and its natural house according to the Chaldean order of the planets, the astrologer wanted to ensure that abundant life force was provided and the sign of Taurus would also give all the strength and stability inherent in its fixed modality – after all, the city did endure for 1123 years under its original name! The sign of Taurus is ruled by a benefic Venus, while the Sun’s bounds are under the jurisdiction of another, greater benefic, Jupiter. As the Sun is the natural significator of rulers, fame influence and power as well, one can see how he strives (and succeeds!) in killing both birds with one stone. The lesser light, i.e. the Moon as the lady of the ascendant is in the fixed sign of Leo in the 2nd house, in mutual reception with the Sun so here we have another confirmation that astrologer’s aim was to ensure durability of the city, trying at the same time to strengthen the ties between the common people, whose natural ruler is the Moon, and the kings, signified by the Sun. This is further reinforced by the fact that Leo and Taurus are signs of equal daylight (also known as „antiscia“ signs) which underline and accentuate mutual sympathy between the planets posited in them –„they consent in good effects and agree in power“ (Abu Ma’shar, Introduction to Astrology).

However, as it should be expected from a knowledgeable astrologer working for a powerful king, one of his primary tasks was to ensure that the king remains unquestioned in his authority – that’s why the Sun is „overcoming“ the Moon, i.e. it is in the 10th sign from it, signifying dominance, highest authority and power. But there’s still more to it, as the 9th and the 10th from the Moon’s sign were described as „mighty images“ (Serapio of Alexandria, but also reminiscent of Firmicus Maternus‘s enenecontameris, the 90th degree on the right of the Moon/ascendant, i.e. in its superior square) so is it a mere coincidence that Aries, the sign in the 10th (king/authority) and Taurus, the place of the Sun, are these two images? I don’t think so! The Moon as the ascendant lord is less than a degree away from the royal Regulus, a first magnitude fixed star of Mars/Jupiter nature, which aptly describes a future magnificent center of an empire, the largest, most splendid city in the Medieval Europe. But there’s more to it, of course. In a diurnal chart, the best place for the Moon to be is under the earth, preferably in its waxing phase, both of which are given in this chart. This ensures continuous growth and development of the city, strengthened by the fact that the bound lords and benefic sect-mates of both lights, Jupiter and Venus respectively, are conjunct in the ascending, fertile sign of Cancer which Jupiter rules by exaltation and Venus by triplicity. But most important of all, the two benefics in the 1st WS are in the 10th sign from the Lot of fortune in the angle of the 4th in Libra with Venus as its lady, which is the most fortunate constellation that can occur in any chart – blessings of wealth, prominence and influence abound. The wise astrologer also ensured that both benefics scrutinize the lot, i.e. aspect is within a three-degrees orb, which was deemed the most powerful connection possible (even W. Lilly in the 17th century still terms it ‘partile’, mimicking Vettius Valens who states that it is equivalent to the same degree position of the planets!)

The Moon, as the natural ruler of POF (which was also known as the Moon’s ascendant) casts such an aspect to the lot as well, from the superior sextile which is the lot’s 11th, indicative of gain and acquisition – the waxing Moon as the lord of the ascendant (populace) on the royal fixed star in the 2nd house and in a mutual reception with the excellently posited greater luminary which rules the 2nd ensure a steady and ample influx of wealth. Here you can get a glimpse of the enormous wealth pillaged by the crusaders from Constantinople in 1204. during the 4th Crusade. Valens also had to think about the enemies of the state, of course, and his main task was to weaken them as much as possible. He solves the issue by putting Saturn, lord of the 7th, in its detriment in Leo and in the turned 8th house which, among other things, signifies death. Moreover, he also ensures that the Sun as the lord of the 8th applies to him from the superior square, bringing death and destruction to the adversaries. Saturn is in an unmitigated aversion to its domicile Capricorn, and thus unable to successfully manage the affairs of the house it rules so the enemies’ ship „lacks a reliable helmsman.“ The greater malefic is also weakened by being occidental of the Sun, in a feminine quadrant and under the earth in a diurnal chart. As Capricorn is one of the signs which have an exalted ruler, Valens had to think about him too, so he put Mars in the 12th in Gemini in the house opposite its joy or as Ibn Ezra would later call it, the „house of its sadness“.

Even though the aversion between Gemini and Capricorn is mitigated because they are of the same ascension, Mars is still thoroughly incapacitated to act because the 12th house is cadent  while his lord Mercury is also there – there’s no ‘way out’ for him since no (preferably) angular planet is able to lend it assistance, i.e. reflect his light to Capricorn. Mars is occidental of the Sun (additional weakness) in a masculine sign and quadrant, contrary to sect and above the earth in a day chart, all of which are factors that make his condition very unfavorable so the enemies are unable to do much harm to Constantinople and are prone to self-destructive behavior. If one looks at the chart from the perspective of POF serving as an alternative ascendant one gets a similar picture regarding enemies. Mars is lord of the 7th and it is in the cadent 9th, while Venus culminates in the 10th, co-present with the sect-benefic, Jupiter which receives her. What is most intriguing about this chart for me, however, is its ascendant in Cancer, the sign which it occupies in Thema mundi as well. I cannot stop wondering if Valens was thinking in terms of creating a city which would lie at the heart of a world-dominating empire? After all,Constantinople did endure for 1123 years under its original name, which is fascinatingly close to the greatest years of Venus (1150) and she is lady of the Sun, the chart luminary/hyleg and hence the giver of years of life. Ironically, some 300 years later a new religion, signified by Venus, entered the world stage in today’s Saudi Arabia and the Ottoman army which ultimately conquered Constantinople carried its banners. However, there’s another version of electional chart for Constantinople and it can be found in Luca Gaurico or Lucas Gauricus (Italy,1476‐1558) Tractatus astrologicus

Konstantinopolj Gaurico  

The main difference between the two lies in the position of the ascendant and hence, of the all-important POF. In Gaurico’s chart, the ascendant is in the 6th degree of Cancer tightly conjunct Jupiter and Venus making the two considerably more prominent and powerful than is the case with the first chart which has the ascendant in the 19th degree of Cancer. Gaurico’s version puts the POF in the 3rd WS (but the 4th mundane house) in the 24th degree of Virgo, which locates Venus and Jupiter in the 11th from it, the house of acquisition and gain. But why would Valens decide to put the benefics in the 11th from POF rather than in the 10th, which is a lot more auspicious since the benefic angle of the 10th is always preferable to the succeedent 11th? Moreover, if POF lands in Virgo, the contrary to sect malefic and its ruler in the 12th culminate from it, which is disastrous, as Mars rules the 7th house of enemies by exaltation and Mercury is the lord of the 12th, known as “bad daimon”. If the POF is in Libra, these two fall cadent from both ascendants! That is why I think that the first version is more likely to represent the moment chosen by Valens.

Nevertheless, the second version may have much more significance when looked through the lenses of prophecies which never fail to fascinate me. In short, whether they were uttered by the famous German seers (Alois Irlmaier “Waldviertler”, Greek orthodox monks (elder Josif from Vatopedi monastery, elder Paisios, etc.  ) or Muslim eschatologist Sheikh Imran Hosein they all boil down to (more or less!) one thing – Istanbul will be Constantinople again, when Russia rushes to aid Greece and defeats and destroys the invading Turkey during the World War III.  Allegedly, only the Hagia Sophia will be left standing after the fiercest fighting during the “three days of darkness” mentioned in many European prophecies ranging from the Middle ages to present. The city itself is undoubtedly of primary strategic importance, as it controls the passage from the Black sea to the Mediterranean; the Russian army has already tried to conquer it during the Russo – Turkish war (1877 – 78) but was forced to a halt by a powerful British fleet. This time there’s no fleet powerful enough to intimidate and stop the Russians when the war breaks out.

But when could this prophecy be fulfilled? I have no doubts that it actually CAN come to pass, as the current state of global affairs doesn’t testify to the possibility of peaceful resolution of all the tensions/conflicts brewing between East and West, i.e. Russia and the USA/NATO. With this in mind, I’ll examine “signs of the times” within the context of traditional mundane astrology. The ‘greater picture’ is under the jurisdiction of the horoscope of the revolution of the world  in which the triplicity shift of the superiors occurred  in the sign of Capricorn (1841) having significance up to 2020. when the conjunctions of the superiors again shift to airy triplicity (the so-called ‘middle conjunction’).


So how does this chart relate to the chart of Constantinople and what does it signify? First of all, it is significant that oriental Mars in Scorpio dominates the conjunction from a superior sextile and most importantly, its twelfth-part lands in Capricorn and Ibn Ezra tells us in his Book of the World  that “…one should always…find the sign in which the power of the dodecatemoria occurs, whether from the malefic or the benefic planet. Know that the power of the dodecatemoria is stronger in a great than in a middle conjunction and stronger in a middle than a small conjunction, and stronger in a small conjunction than at the revolution of any year.

So you should observe the place of Mars at any conjunction, whether great, middle of small. For if it is with Saturn or Jupiter at the revolution of the year, or in opposition or quartile with them, wars will break out in the world. This will occur when the terminal sign [annual profection] of the conjunction reaches the place of Mars.”

And Kusyar ibn Labban in his Introduction to Astrology states that “When a planet is in the dodecatemorion of <another> planet, it (the former) is in application with it (the latter). When it (a planet) is in the dodecatemorion of a house in the diagram of the horoscope, it is the same as when it is situated in this house. By the kindness and favour of God.”

So one can say that this was not simply a conjunction of the two, but of all the three superiors, with Mars gaining the (additional) dignity of exaltation and impressing its significations upon the symbolism of the conjunction itself. How did this manifest? Well, suffice it to say that humanity witnessed both world wars in this period, not to mention all the numerous, bloody ‘smaller’ conflicts that occurred before and after; the modernization of weapons which led to their increased lethality, causing death/destruction on a scale heretofore unseen. Most importantly, mankind gained the ability to destroy the entire planet by harnessing the power of nuclear chain reaction. Mars at its best (exaltation=kingdom/supremacy), pure and simple – apart from the very important fact that the conjunction itself is so clearly dominated by the greater  malefic, Saturn whereas the grater benefic Jupiter is in the sign of its fall=dejection/depression/slavery and firmly in Saturn’s power. There really hasn’t been much mercy, benevolence and moderation in this period, has it? The malefics have dominated it so clearly! That is why I maintain that also the World War III will occur within this period, and that will be the time when the prophecies regarding the city  may find their fulfillment.

The all important question is, when? To begin with,the very degree of the middle conjunction (9th, with Mars on it) happens to land in the 7th house of the Constantinople chart, denoting enemies/wars. The general stage is set, and let’s imagine ourselves in the shoes of a traditional astrologer living in Istanbul at that time, examining the chart of the triplicity shift. He would have probably concluded that the city is destined to suffer greatly through the hands of its enemies at some point during the 180 year-long period, as the opposition to the ascendant in Cancer is quite close and Mars in Scorpio is casting a partile dexter square to the Moon, lord of the ascendant, in Leo; moreover, in the chart of the shift itself, the Moon in Pisces applies to Saturn (sextile) and Mars (trine), both of which are tight and malefics are in a superior position.

How would he have tried to be more precise? Certainly by looking at small conjunctions which happen every 20 years within this period in the signs of the same, earthy triplicity. But not all of them of course, as Abu Ma’shar says that the time of the appearance of the indication(s) in the case of earthy triplicity is either four or eight conjunctions after the shift. Four conjunctions would have led him to examine a little bit more closely the period, that is, the significations of the small conjunction relevant for 1921 – 1940 and to compare it with the 8th, the one we’re living in, i.e. 2000 – 2020. He would have probably concluded that the 8th conjunction is far more relevant. Why?


Because it overlaps with another very important mundane indicator, the conjunction of the malefics in the sign of Cancer (2004.) occurring every 30 years, whereas the 4th small conjunction does not. In itself, the current small conjunction is pretty eloquent in its significations for the city. Here’s what Ibn Ezra has to say:

Masha’allah said: If you know the ascendant of the city, at the revolution of the year of the conjunction find the aspects of the planets to this sign as well as the lord of the sign , pronounce judgment according to what you observe. For if Mars or Saturn is in opposition or quartile to the sign of the city, and if no benefic planet aspects the sign and the lord of the sign of the city is burnt by the Sun, or if it is in one of the cardines of the sign of the city and it is with Saturn or Mars or in opposition or quartile to them – this signifies that a great misfortune will befall the city, particularly ill-fated if a malefic is in the sign of the city. Know that Venus removes Mars’ harm in conjunction or aspect so that his harm is felt only in thoughts and words. But Venus has no power to remove Saturn’s harm; only Jupiter, either in conjunction or in aspect, removes Saturn’s harm. What we have said applies on condition that Venus or Jupiter is not under the rays of the Sun because if they are, they will not be beneficial.

Mars in Aries is in a cardine of the ascendant of the city whereas the Moon in Libra (lord of the ascendant of the city) is applying to Mars by opposition without reception [one should note the important Moon/Mars  aspect repetition already given  in the chart of the shift]  all the while Venus in Pisces is in aversion to Mars and unable to remove his harm. Venus does cast a close trine to the ascendant of the city though [it’s a superior WS sextile in the chart of the shift] which is certainly helpful BUT superior square from Mars [its trine/opposition in the chart of the shift] is stronger. Interestingly, Venus is the exalted lady of the 9th WS of the Constantinople chart, denoting houses of worship/ God/religion; by its very nature, Venus rules the ‘purification rites and cleanliness’ which are an integral part of religious ceremonies. What I’m aiming at is this – aren’t these protective Venus aspects cast to the ascendant of Constantinople a perfect symbolical equivalent of the prophecy that only the Hagia Sophia will be spared [obviously by a supernatural intervention of God], while pretty much everything else is leveled to the ground? The Moon/Mars opposition perfects at the very end of their respective signs, denoting war/destruction toward the end of the 20-year period.

Now to the already mentioned conjunction of the malefics in Cancer


The Moon as the lord of the city’s ascendant is obviously very unfortunate in this chart, as it is applying to the Sun (burnt) in a cardine of the ascendant of the city and applies to Mars in the 12th by sextile as well (third repetition).  Saturn, lord of the 8th WS is partilly on the ascendant of the city. Again, there’s a malefic in a cardine of the city while benfics are also aspecting, but with weaker aspects of sextile (Venus) and trine (Jupiter). If  the number of degrees between the Moon/Mars perfection (seven degrees, twenty minutes) is taken and multiplied with the lesser years of the Moon (a technique found in the 6ht book of Vetius ValensAnthology), 183.3325 is obtained. Divided by twelve, one gets 15.2777 years.  According to this technique, the city is likely to suffer destruction sometime in 2019 which fits nicely with the general time frame provided by the Moon/Mars opposition in the chart of the preceding small conjunction in Taurus. Additionally, one can use the following reasoning from Anthology as well:

Every star that is upon a pivot point gives the totality of its own times, but when not upon a pivot point it imparts as much as remains in arrears from its own numbers

As Saturn is in the 2nd WS/mundane house (succeedent), he gets activated in the middle of his lesser years (15) pointing to 2019 again. But there’s more to it, of course. It is highly significant that within this 20-year period (2018) there occurs the conjunction of the malefics in the sign of Capricorn, at the very degree  of the middle conjunction of  1841!

The malefics are angular in the 4th and oriental, while the ascendant of the city is the midheaven of the conjunction. The Moon is in her fall in Scorpio, where Mars of the triplicity shift is located! Earthy signs signify destruction, adds Ibn Ezra laconically when discussing the signification of Mars’s position in an annual revolution

2018 malefics conjunction Istanbul

The chart of the preceding annual revolution remarkably conveys (almost) the same information

TriplShift1841Tur Solar

As the malefics conjoin every two years in the following zodiacal sign, the period 2018 – 2020 is under the sway of the conjunction in Capricorn. The conjunction of malefics, especially the one occurring in Cancer in a 30-year intervals (Saturn’s detriment and Mars’s fall) signify war, bloodshed, upheaval and destruction. The annual ingress chart of 2018 is a typical war-chart, as both malefics/superiors are conjunct in Capricorn and dignified, angular, oriental of the Sun and squaring it and the ascendant. Saturn is LOY, (actually lord of the spring quarter since the angles are cardinal; nevertheless, the Aries ingress chart is still very important in its significations throughout the entire year!) as the Sun commits its disposition to it via Mars and Saturn is also term/exaltation lord of the ascendant, trined by the chart luminary, the Moon. The Moon is in the 8th in its exaltation, denoting death and destruction as it is still in partile trine to Saturn in the 4th. However, both benefics aspect the malefics in the 4th and the sign of Cancer, the city’s ascendant, so there’s some mitigation of their harm. Interestingly enough, bot the autumn and winter quarter charts repeat Libra on the ascendant, with Saturn in the angle of the 4th!

When is the deadly signification of the malefics’ conjunction in Capricorn most likely to manifest? Theoretically,most probably during their opposition, in June 2019. But 2018 also represents a strong possibility, for the obvious reasons already presented. Which year is more dangerous then? Ibn Ezra once more:

So you should observe the place of Mars at any conjunction, whether great, middle of small. For if it is with Saturn or Jupiter at the revolution of the year, or in opposition or quartile with them, wars will break out in the world. This will occur when the terminal sign [annual profection] of the conjunction reaches the place of Mars.”

The technique already proved itself in 2011 when the small conjunction in Taurus reached the place of Mars in Aries, bringing war to Syria (along with the preceding solar eclipse) which is under the rulership of Mars, Aries/Scorpio! The illustration Ibn Ezra provides is stunningly similar to the chart of the current small conjunction so it deserves to be quoted at length:

Let us suppose that at the revolution of the year Jupiter is at Taurus 10°, Saturn at Taurus 13°, Mars at Aries 26° and that the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter occurs at Taurus 14°. I assign one year to each sign; hence in the 12th year the terminal sign of the conjunction reaches the place Mars. We already said that it was at Aries 26° , hence the beginning of the year occurs at Aries 14°. We calculate the ratio of 12 to 30, which is 2/5. Therefore, at 2/5 of the 12th year after the small conjunction there will be great bloodshed in every city whose sign is Aries or in every city where Aries is one of its cardines. Also, at the revolution of the year we should observe the place of the planets and their aspects to Aries which is the terminal house. We should pronounce judgment according to whether they are benefic or malefic planets

During the last week of  May  2019 the profected small conjunction (22° Taurus 43′) will reach the dexter square of Mars in Capricorn (27° 58′) in the 8th WS from the ascendant in Gemini, while Saturn of the annual revolution is in it and Mars trines it from Taurus. Sagittarius and the 7th house will be the place of the profected conjunction in 2018. 2019 is thus more likely a catastrophic year. From the point of view of the middle conjunction (8° Capricorn 54′) in 2018 the profection will reach Libra (which will also be the ascendant of the annual revolution, <autumn/winter quarters> and both malefics in the chart of the annual revolution casting their dexter square to the terminal point and only Venus aspecting it! ) and the profected degree of the conjunction will reach Mars in Scorpio in 10.6 months i.e. in the beginning of February 2019.

Tu sum up, it looks like 2018/2019 are the years likely to see the fulfillment of the prophecy, with 2019 appearing the more significant of the two. But one should bear in mind that оnly God knows future and can change it according to His will.


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