An Example of Masha’allah & al-Kindi in Action

A querent wanted to know when she’d be able to rent her shop again, as her income depended almost solely on it. Her previous tenants had just terminated the agreement due to lack of business caused by increasing competition in the area.


It was the hour of Mercury, which makes the chart radical. At  first glance, it seemed pretty hopeless. Both  Jupiter, lord of the querent, and Mercury, lord of the 7th (potential renters) are combust/under the beams and cadent from the ascendant in the 6th in Taurus. Jupiter is also peregrine, while Mercury is in its own terms, applying to Jupiter – but can this contact perfect anything, as both are very weakened by the Sun/cadency?

I turned to the testimony of the Moon and found it in the house of the matter (whole-sign 4th) but in the 3rd by division, (in its joy and triplicity/term)  separating from Mercury all of which described the background of the question very clearly. The Moon is applying to Jupiter, translating the light between the relevant significators; moreover, the Moon receives Jupiter and is in turn received by him. Therefore I thought there was a chance (albeit it seemed to be slim because of the significators’ weakness) new renter would turn up within 7 weeks but my judgment proved too optimistic  – he came in exactly seven months (as Mercury was transiting the ascendant, BTW).

Now why months? Had I been a bit more careful/objective in my judgment, I could have perceived the following testimonies more clearly: cadent houses (aversion to the ascendant!) prolong the matters and fixed signs show longer time units while both significators are in the descending part of heaven which is again slow (however, I didn’t know about this division of the circle then!) Being under the beams is equivalent to being cadent/remote and Jupiter as the receiver of the Moon’s disposition is a slow moving planet. Testimonies to the contrary are: Taurus is a sign of short ascension and it is ruled by a quick moving planet, but these two are obviously heavily outnumbered  so she had to wait a bit longer than expected/desired.

But is it possible that the mutual reception between the Moon/Jupiter is enough to annul the effects of combustion and the cadency of all the significators? After all, according to theory (Sahl bin Bishr, Abu Ma’shar), Jupiter is too incapacitated to handle the Moon’s disposition and returns the light howbeit with amelioration because he receives the Moon. The Moon is then free to proceed to its next application with Venus in Gemini in the 7th (Jupiter/Mercury dispositor), again with reception by exaltation/triplicity. Masha’allah’s essential theory of reception seems to prove its great value once more. Here’s how one of  my all-time favorite astrologers defined a fundamental astrological precept in the 8th century

Because a conjunction of the lord of the Ascendant with the lord of the quesited matter is attainment through himself, and nothing forbids its effecting, if God wills (not even combustion?)

For reception effects matters, so that it can in no way happen but that it comes to be – whether it were delayed or is going to come about shortly but the angles hasten the matter, and strengthen it, and the following domiciles or those succeeding [the angles] are useful; but the cadents [which do not aspect the ascendant] delay the matter and postpone it. But reception cannot pass over into nothing, even if a period of time came in between, by the command of God   [Masha’allah, On Reception]

In the end,I’d also like to delineate  the chart from al-Kindi’s perspective which recommends using victors for the querent and the relevant topic. This represents a sort of a final check, either confirming or contradicting the conclusions reached initially.

By using all three triplicity rulers of the five releasers, I get Jupiter as the significator of the chart,i.e the querent.

Victor of the topic, i.e  the planet with most authorities in the 4th, in the Lot of real estate, lord of the hour and the natural significator of the matter (Saturn) is Venus. As Venus disposits Jupiter and Saturn and is in the 7th ( in mutual generosity with Mercury, lord of the 7th!) we see that the source/outcome of all the querent’s interests/actions is tied to the principle of  (business) partnership. Given that benefic Venus is angular (angles establish/perfects matters!) in the house of negotiations/contracts, in her sect/above the horizon/in a  feminine quadrant  in the nocturnal chart, there is sufficient testimony pointing to a successful conclusion of the matter. Venus also receives the Moon, the querent’s co-significator by exaltation/triplicity. She’s only a few days before her 1st station,which is a considerable weakness, but the reception offered to the Moon ensures the return of the light with amelioration

Let’s investigate further. Another candidate for the victor of a topic is chosen among the fittest of the following – lord of the ascendant, the Moon, the Sun, lord of POF, lord of SAN. Lord of the ascendant and the Sun are discarded for obvious reasons, as well as the lord of the preceding SAN (Mars) which is falling/retreating from the angle of the 10th and is only a participating lord of earthy triplicity. Lord of the POF is a very dignified, received Saturn in 11th, but he’s contrary to sect/above the earth in a nocturnal chart and retrograde so I discard him as well. That leaves the Moon (the chart luminary) as the final and probably best choice (feminine sign/quadrant, in its lunar half=term+participating triplicity, in the house of its joy by division, received by both benefics)  and who does it commit its disposition to from the house of the matter? Jupiter, with mutual reception!

With this final confirmation indicating the attainment of the matter, the circle closes.


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