“On War”, Part II


Brazil Italy Con Cup

This football match was played in Brazil as a part of Confederations Cup competition. Brazilian and Italian team battled each other. The indicators for Brazilian victory are pretty obvious. They attacked first, so they are represented by the lord of the ascendant, Jupiter, by the Moon in the 1st house and by the planet from which the Moon has separated – Mars.

The Italians get the Lord of the 7th, Mercury and the planet to whom the Moon applies – it’s Jupiter but since it is already taken as the significator of Brazil, the Italians are signified by Mercury only.

First  of all, Jupiter is a superior planet, which gives him initial advantage. It is still in the angle of the 7th mundane house/the 7th sign of Gemini, combust/in detriment and this may have represented very bad news for Brazilians if Mercury had been able to aspect its domicile and had been in one of the angles (except the first!) or received/closely aspected by a planet in one of the angles. But Mercury has no strong helpers, he’s in fact peregrine, very slow, doesn’t behold his own domicile/his domicile lord Moon doesn’t behold it and is about to turn retrograde within 7 days  which is altogether  a great impediment for the Italian team.  The only good thing is this conjunction with a benefic Venus in her triplicity, but this cannot help much, as she’s also separating and an inferior on top of that. The conjunction in an advancing/succeeding sector of the chart points toward an average amount of accidental strength.

As already mentioned, Jupiter is combust and that’s his greatest impediment. But the Moon is in the 1st, giving great strength to Brazilian team (still waxing in light and very swift, in a male sign in a day chart), while she’s also applying to Jupiter and is received by him. Though Jupiter is too weak/disabled (due to combustion) to profit much from the Moon’s application (he returns the light), there’s additionally this natural ruler of war to consider as the planet from which the Moon in the 1st has separated –  the superior Mars.

In its heliacal rising phase and in the angle of the 7th, he’s extremely strong and efficacious. No wonder the Italian team was ‘demolished’ by receiving  four goals, while they managed to score half as much – the end result was 4:2 for Brazil. I’d say this nicely represents/confirms the difference in strength between angular significators of Brazil and the succeedent ones ‘fighting’ for Italy.



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