Katarche of a Failed Fertility Treatment

It seems there’s an ever increasing number of women who cannot get pregnant in a natural manner for various reasons so they resort to fertility treatment(s) to solve the problem. However, as we all know, this is not a fail-safe method and time and time again, we hear about unsuccessful outcomes which must have pretty daunting effects upon couples trying to become parents.

I happen to know two such couples. One of the women is my colleague at work, the other one is my hairdresser.

The colleague is in a better position because she’s already a  mother of a seven year old girl and she’s also ‘only’ thirty – four. My hairdresser hasn’t had any children so far and she turned forty this year. That’s why I’m going to present her case first.The following chart was cast for the moment her husband told me she got pregnant and I eagerly looked at my watch, hoping to see some promising, positive elements upon coming home and analyzing the horoscope.

However,my enthusiasm instantly turned into a dismal premonition of failure as I saw this picture

Fertility Treatment II


I started imagining what good old professor Dorotheus   would have said if he had analyzed this chart. He would probably have noted a tropical sign of Capricorn on the ascendant first, symbolizing an ‘action’ which is very likely to be aborted/broken off, necessitating another attempt. Then he would certainly have sought the all important Moon to analyze its overall condition. Its position in the 5th feminine,semi-fertile sign of Taurus might have appeared him appropriate, as the matter handles children/fertility. The Moon is exalted and advancing/angular, but very slow and also void of course according to all but the Hellenistic definition (Rhetorius, Antiochus, Porphyry), which postulates  this can occur only if the Moon aspects no planets within the next thirty degrees regardless of sign boundaries. If we choose to uphold the medieval definition, it tells us that

…the solitude of the Moon signifies futility and annulment, and turning back from that same purpose, and the impediment of that same purpose (Judgment 6, Sahl ibn Bishr).

Worthy of note is the fact that the last aspect of the Moon was a square with Mars (contrary to sect, peregrine malefic in the 8th, almost totally out of his domain because above the earth in a day chart and in a male sign, very powerful to produce itself as he’s also oriental of the Sun and in an advancing sector of the chart) and the next aspect will be a sextile with the deadly Mars as well, no reception involved. Its twelfth-part lands in Aries, and comes under a close scrutiny of it lord Mars from the 8th.  Mars is also the lord of the preceding SAN and he scrutinizes the POF in the 8th. Too much anti-life influence for a successful pregnancy to bear fruit.

Additionally, Mars also keeps the ascendant under siege, though this is mitigated by both angular benefics aspecting Capricorn from Scorpio/Taurus. The ruler of the ascendant, Saturn, is scorched in Libra, in via combusta and is retreating, i.e falling from an angle, applied to by anaretic Mars from a superior 11th sign by sextile.No good to be found here either, only Mars.

But both benefics are on the angles, maybe that can help?  Especially Jupiter  as a natural significator of children?

Hardly, because Jupiter is afflicted by being retrograde, peregrine, out of its domain though he’s of the sect in favor. His position on Hamal (Mars/Saturn) underscores his inability to produce lasting good  and the same is conveyed by his rulership over  12th, which is the 8th from the 5th(the death of a child). This is further underlined by the exact opposition of Venus, the lady of the 5th, and Jupiter on the IC designating the end of the matter. Valens would fittingly add that Venus is destroyed by Jupiter i.e Taurus by Sagittarius and here this truth is brought to the fore on the angles for none to miss. Lot of death almost exactly on the ascendant isn’t exactly a ‘lucky’ omen either.

Taking all these indicators into account,I concluded the pregnancy would fail. I never told that to either of them, of course – and wouldn’t have done it even if the two had asked me to do so. Some things are just better left unspoken.

Fertility Treatment I

The second chart is once more the result of the moment I ‘heard’ the news, this time it was  SMS sent by a happy colleague. There’s again a tropical sign on the ascendant, in this case a fertile Cancer. The ruler of the ascendant and a general significator of the matter, the Moon is very afflicted and weak because in  the bad 12th in the barren sign of Gemini, partilly conjunct south node and scrutinized by Mars from the 2nd in a barren Leo (2nd also having strong signification toward death by virtue of its opposition to the 8th; its twelfth-part actually lands in Aquarius); it is still very slow. According to Paulus, the sextile between Leo/Gemini has the strength of a trine – Gemini ‘sees’ Leo, while Leo ‘perceives’ Gemini thus representing the more dominant influence.

The Moon’s twelfth-part is in Sagittarus, ruled by the greater benefic Jupiter but this sign is the cadent 6th of the chart, denoting illness/harm. The twelfth-part of Saturn, lord of the 8th and natural ruler of death, lands on the Moon in the 12th; contrary to sect Saturn is the most angular planet in the chart in the 4th, the house having strong significations toward death as well. Additionally, the lot of death is in Gemini,its lord Mercury landing in Scorpio in the 5th. The Lord of the 5th, Mars, applies to Saturn, lord of the 8th, without reception. Thus the Moon’s disposition ends up in the hands of Saturn, and “the grim reaper” doesn’t show mercy.

As in the first chart Jupiter opposes Venus, the two still lingering within three degrees of each other and in the bounds of the same planet Venus(the most powerful connection), on the 5th/11th axis symbolizing children/fertility. Jupiter still suffers from the same impediments as in the first case, but now he’s contrary to sect too. Though both of the benefics are in the houses of their joy,they still didn’t manage to rescue the day.

Again,I never told her my opinion on the matter, and waited what time would reveal, hoping my conclusion would be proven wrong.

Unfortunately, I heard within a month that both pregnancies had failed.




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