Football match Croatia/Serbia – “On War”

I’m not into football/soccer at all.

It gets interesting for me only when it lends itself to test the accuracy and validity of ancient astrological rules for picking a winner in a war, i.e some kind of a contest.

The theory postulates that the aggressor, i.e the initiator of hostilities gets the ascendant, its ruler and the planet from which the Moon is separating, while the adversary gets the descendant, its ruler and the planet to which the Moon applies. Since the Croatian team initiated the game, it slipped in the role of „aggressor“.

At first glance, which in most cases also remains just that due to a natural human propensity for laziness and superficiality, I concluded that the Croatian team might easily get beaten in their capital Zagreb because it is signified by the combust Venus in Aries, on the cusp of the 7th dominated by Mars, the significator of the Serbian team in its own domicile in the angle of the 7th. He’s also combust, but…he is additionally applied to by the Moon, so everything seems pretty clear and simple.

Nevertheless,the Croatian team celebrated in the end with the result 2:0.

Hm, what have I missed? Can it be that the theory was wrong/inadequate this time?

 No, it can’t be.

As usual, it was my fault. And the old, well-known story repeats itself – you’re threading on a very thin ice when you fancy yourself standing at your goal, having no need to heed the teachers’ council anymore. For this ‘pinnacle’ can never be reached; there’s only an ongoing voyage toward this imaginary point of perfection, and it is in this context that VITA BREVIS ARS LONGA gets its full meaning and justification.

So let us inspect the chart once more through the lenses of the ancient teachers’ full counsel


According to Masha’allah („On Reception“)  the Sun receives a planet when in conjunction to it in Aries or Leo and in such cases, there’s no usual debility for the planet involved.We see Venus applying to the Sun, with an orb less than 3 degrees and within the bounds of a planet(Jupiter) representing a particularly powerful conjunction. As the Sun is so generous toward Venus, it accepts responsibility for what she’s handing over to him; practically, she gets a surrogate home and is fully secure and protected in all of her significations. The Sun thus takes over her significations and the reception given to her enables the Sun to become the significator of the Croatian team.

  – Maybe, but what about Mars? The Sun applies to him and offers him reception as well – and he’s already very fortified by being in his domicile.

Yes, the Sun receives Mars as well but there are more than 3 degrees distance between the two and one of the core principles in astrology says – the closer an aspect/conjunction, the stronger the bond between the planets. In other words, Venus is in a position to profit more/sooner from the Sun than Mars. Since the Sun is a natural significator of triumph/fame as well…

 – But, even if we accept the Sun’s role as a significator of the Croatian team, it is still disposed by Mars, so what good is it?

Well,this is of paramount importance. The theory also says than an exalted planet is stronger than the one in domicile in matters of war/contest. Perhaps this is pictured best by the alternative translation for the well-known astrological term exaltation (lat. exaltatio) and it is supremacy/kingdom(lat. regnum). Too bad it didn’t become mainstream – but it’s never too late.

Let’s see what the Moon is doing. Again – the theory says that the planet from which the Moon separates becomes a co-significator of the aggressor, while the planet applied to by the Moon becomes a co-significator of the rival.

The Moon is separating from the Sun(!) which is also its ruler in Leo(the Moon’s dispositor being one of the legitimate indicators for the outcome of the matter). So here we have another clear confirmation that the Sun, i.e a planet in its kingdom/supremacy is the significator of the Croatian team.The Moon is committing its disposition to Mars, thereby confirming it as the sole significator of the Serbian team.

– But, shouldn’t the Moon’s application to Mars unequivocally denote him as the winner of the match?

No, not necessarily.

Because, as already stated, the Sun as as co-significator of the Croatian team disposes the Moon and at the same time, the Moon is in the eastern half of the chart belonging to the Croatian team, strengthening it additionally because it is unimpeded and in its waxing phase while closely aspected by its dispositor – again, within the bounds of the same planet(Jupiter). And to reiterate, the Sun in Aries is more powerful than Mars in Aries.

 – But, doesn’t the theory also say that the superior planets are more powerful in the matters of war/contest?

Yes, generally they are but here we have one more important qualifier – Mars is also in a very close aspect to Jupiter! The orb is again less than 3 degrees and Mars is actually closer to Jupiter than to the Moon, which again clearly underlines the more prevalent influence of Jupiter.

So Jupiter without a doubt influences Mars more strongly which is very unfortunate for the Serbian team because its cadency is weakening and exhausting Mars, thereby facilitating/causing its defeat.

 So the important rule says the following – a cadent planet in a close aspect to a significator is a strongly debilitating influence, even if the significator is in an angle. The opposite is also true, especially if reception is involved as well.

And one more interesting thing – Mars’s twelfth-part lands in Cancer, the sign of its fall (in ancient texts always a synonym for slavery), scrutinized i.e  closely aspected by Mercury in Pisces(detriment/fall) from the cadent 6th. So if we accept R. Schmidt’s explanation of the twelfth-part of a planet as designating the outcome of its significations…things get even clearer.

 – But, isn’t this ‘story’ about the co-significators created through the Moon’s application/separation just a rather secondary detail, an embellishment and a mere redundant technicality, a result of an urge to ‘complicate’ a method in order to let it appear more difficult and hence, more ‘serious’? Aren’t the primary significators and their relationship to the lights, angularity, etc. the decisive factors and all we should concentrate upon to find the answer?

Well, I don’t think so.

The chart for the beginning of the WW 2 is a case in point.

Is someone going to try to convince me that  Wehrmacht overran and crushed all the countries from Scandinavia to Northern Africa, from the La Manche to the line Caucasus – Moscow – Leningrad represented only through this inferior Mercury in the weak/bad 12th, in aversion to its own domicile Virgo on the ascendant? Even if we qualify him additionally through the position of Venus/the Sun in the 1st (as it should be done), this kind of symbolism still doesn’t fit the real picture of the then most deadly fighting force in the world.

It is an entirely different matter if we realize(and accept) that the Moon is separating from Mars in a cardinal sign of  Capricorn(again a planet in its supremacy/kingdom!), the natural significator of war in a good, succeedent/advancing house of a chart. This is a much better description of the Blitzkrieg concept  which started the WW 2, at the same time picturing perfectly the air of invincibility which followed that modern armada all the way to February ’43. and the great defeat/turning point at Stalingrad, whereas only the debacle in the gigantic tank battle of Kursk in July/August ’43. finally destroyed all the dreams of victory over Russia and irrevocably put the initiative in the hands of the Red Army.

Still, even in retreat and defeat,Wehrmacht remained very dangerous(as could be expected from such a co-significator), fighting toughly on several fronts – the allied invasion of Italy started on 3rd September ’43. and the invasion of Normandy happened on 6th June ’44. Wehrmacht surrendered unconditionally only on 7th May ’45.,  almost a year later.

One might wonder what would have happened if they had decided to attack, let’s say, on 31. August ’39.  at 19:45 when the ruler of the ascendant  was Mars in the 10th sign/house and the significator of the allied forces was Venus in her fall, combust in the 6th?

Luckily, Hitler obviously didn’t have his own Bonatti/Sahl…or he DID  take astrological council but from one of those so-called modern astrologers whose primary concern was to put astrologically insignificant/non-existent Uranus on the MC? 😀 😀 😀


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